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The St. Brieux Judo Club would like to thank all the competitors, officials and spectators who attended our tournament and pancake breakfast. The weather ended up being our biggest competition and we hope everyone made it home safely. The club would like to express special thanks to Pat Pattison for being our Chairperson of Officials and T.V. Taylor for helping us with the draw.

Claude Rouault

Cadet Boys
-20 kg
1. Liam Strydom, Melfort
2. Shane Thompson, St. Brieux
3. Jaden Kovacs, St. Brieux
4. James Form, South Corman Park
5. Brennan Hunt, St. Brieux

-26 kg
1. Ockert Strydom, Melfort
2. Noah Form, South Corman Park
3. Conrad Maine, Watrous
4. Alex Fraser, Lawson Heights
5. Marshall Ricketson, St. Brieux

-30 kg
1. Ryan Schaan, Watrous
2. Landon Bells, Watrous
3. John Fellinger, Moose Jaw
4. Carter Pratchler, St. Brieux
5. Logan Pratchler, St. Brieux
6. Jared Henderson, Melfort
7. Craig Cipywnyk, St. Brieux

-34 kg
1. Jerrod Senger, Lawson Heights
2. Rylan Hobson, Prince Albert
3. Kieran Theis, St. Brieux
4. Graham Jackson, Melfort
5. Timothy Fagnou, St. Brieux
6. Logan Yeager, St. Brieux
7. Joel Thomas, Tisdale

-42 kg
1. Logan Fraser, Lawson Heights
2. Colton Ricketson, St. Brieux
3. Ryder Klisowsky, Watrous
4. Duncan Clark, South Corman Park

-50 Kg
1. Conner Vermeulen, Prince Albert
2. Reigan Gallais, St. Brieux
3. Dylan Myrheim, Melfort
4. Reid Gregoire, St. Brieux

1. Brody Unruh, St. Brieux
2. Mitchell Unruh, St. Brieux
3. Michael Ballantyne, Stanley Mission
4. Logan Myrheim, Melfort

1. Cody Gieselman, Watrous
2. Craig Rouault, St. Brieux
3. Charles Paul, Stanley Mission
4. Reagan McKenzie, Stanley Mission

Juvenile Boys
1. Warren Seib, Watrous
2. Tanner Teiber, St. Brieux

1. Michael Leuschen, Saskatoon YMCA
2. Conner MacDonald, Moose Jaw
3. Cody Gieselman, Watrous
4. Jesse Alsbach, Melfort
5. Steven Leuschen, Saskatoon YMCA

Senior Men
1. Michael Leuschen, Saskatoon YMCA
2. Jeremy Williams, Moose Jaw
3. Blair Dmytrow, St. Brieux

1. Shane Clark, South Corman Park
2. Drew Weber, Watrous
3. Chad Kryzanoski, Tisdale

1. Drew Weber, Watrous
2. Travis Teiber, St. Brieux
3. Lee Bells, Watrous
4. Logan Mattice, Prince Albert
5. Doug Ricketson, St. Brieux

Senior Men Open Weight
1. Michael Leuschen, Saskatoon YMCA
2. Jeremy Williams, Moose Jaw

Cadet Girls
1. Sydney Clark, South Corman Park
2. Allyson Dmytrow, St. Brieux
3. Meara Hunt, St. Brieux
4. Sabrina Fagnou, St. Brieux

1. Sara Henderson, Melfort
2. Caroline Crawford, Stanley Mission
3. Samantha Trusty, Moose Jaw
4. Kailin Fraser, Lawson Heights
5. Josie Lehner, Prince Albert
6. Brianna Walz, Moose Jaw
7. Natassja Teiber, St. Brieux

1. Jenna Eisner, St. Brieux
2. Phylicia Charles, Stanley Mission
3. Caitlyn Charles, Stanley Mission

-43 kg
1. Emily Schaan, Watrous
2. Haley Walz, Moose Jaw
3. Meghann White, Eastend
4. Brianna Fraser, Lawson Heights
5. Caitlin van der Buhs, St. Brieux
6. Aaleah Klisowsky, Watrous

1. Nicola Schaan, Watrous
2. Jordanne Eisner, St. Brieux
3. Janell Hunt, St. Brieux
4. Morgan Borstmayer, St. Brieux
5. Aiden Hunt, St. Brieux

Juvenile Girls
Combined weights
1. Kayla Ells, St. Brieux
2. Bryanna Eisner, St. Brieux

Senior Women
Combined weights
1. Bernie Leuschen, Saskatoon YMCA
2. Susan Clark, South Corman Park
3. Ailsa Cipywnyk, St. Brieux

Senior Women Open Weight
1. Susan Clark, South Corman Park
2. Ailsa Cipywnyk, St. Brieux