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Judo Saskatchewan
Registration Information 2015-2016
Fee Schedule
Registration Spreadsheet FAQ's
All fees for membership registrations should be sent directly to the Judo Sask Registrar, not to the Judo Sask Treasurer.
Belt Promotion Form Club Promotions (Solid Color Belt Ranks) - Please use this form to submit your Mudansha promotions. It has been created in MS Excel 2003. When your form is complete, save it with your club code and the season (ie 3VBNK 2010-2011 Promotions.xls. The next one would be named 3VBNK 2010-2011 Promotions 2.xls). Any questions, please call or email the Provincial Registrar.
Criminal Record Checks Judo Saskatchewan has passed a By-Law Regulation at the April 24, 2010 Annual General Membership meeting that effective May 15, 2010 the check is required. See document for further details.
Judo Saskatchewan Athlete Code of Conduct Judo Saskatchewan has passed an Athlete Code of Conduct. All athletes are asked to follow the code set out in this document.
Judo Canada Tournament Sanction Policy Judo Saskatchewan has adopted the Judo Canada Tournament Sanction Policy effective September 2015. Please read and follow this document for all tournaments being held in Saskatchewan.
Judo Sask U9 and U11 Drawsheets Judo Saskatchewan has developed drawsheets for the U9 and U11 age divisions to follow the Judo Canada Tournament Sanctioning Rules. These drawsheets are to be used for all competitions in Saskatchewan.
Judo Canada Forms
NCCP Forms
Passport Information / Passport Application
Dan Grading Forms
Judo Saskatchewan 2015-2016 Membership Assistance Grants MAP Grant Spending Plan
Clubs can apply for the MAP grants prior to December 1, 2015.
MAP Grant Follow-up Report
Judo Saskatchewan Approved Travel Rates This form has the standard rates for reimbursement for travel to events for which costs are covered by Judo Saskatchewan.**Updated July 2014**
Judo Saskatchewan Expense Form This form is to be used for submitted expenses approved by the executive of Judo Saskatchewan.
Judo Saskatchewan AGM Minutes
Nov. 2015 AGM minutes
Nov. 2014 AGM minutes
Nov. 2013 AGM minutes
Nov. 2012 AGM minutes
Dec. 2011 AGM minutes
Apr. 2011 AGM minutes
2010 AGM minutes
2009 AGM minutes
2008 AGM minutes
Judo Saskatchewan Bylaws This includes all bylaws in relation to the governance of the Saskatchewan Kodokan Black Belt Association Inc.
Judo Saskatchewan 2016-2019 Strategic Plan This is the three year strategic plan for Judo in Saskatchewan.